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    2 Payment options:

    1) Month-to-Month -pay one month at a time

    2) 2 Months FREE -Pay for 10 months upfront and get 2 Months FREE!

    • -If you want this option, select "2 Months Free" in the Monthly Payment Option on the checkout page.

    • -You will be billed for one month of rent now with the remaining nine months charged to your credit card on August 1st. If the instrument is returned to THE BAND CONNECTION during the school year, a refund will be issued for the number of months remaining in the school year.

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All orders placed before August 12th will be delivered to the school in time for the first day of classes. 

All orders placed from August 12th-13th will be available to be picked up at our shop starting on Wednesday, August 15th from 3:00-6:00.

All orders placed from August 14th-15th will be available to be picked up at our shop starting on Thursday, August 16th from 3:00-6:00.

All orders placed after August 15th will be available to be picked up at our shop on the next business day.

Accessory Packs
The beginner accessory packs are priced at a large discount and include all of the supplies that are required by the band director at your child’s school. They vary in price based on the instrument and the school that the child attends. The accessory pack is delivered to the school along with the rental instrument.

Beginner Accessory Clarinet Pack -Davis Int
Vandoren M15 Mouthpiece (included with instrument)
Rovner Mark III Bb Clarinet w/cap (included with instrument)
Vandoren Traditioanl # 3 Clarinet Reeds (box)
D'Addarrio Reed Guard
Silk Clarinet Swab
Cork Grease (included with instrument)
Vandoren Mouthpiece Cushions
Selmer Polish Cloth
Folding Music Stand

Maintenance/Repair Plans  

$5.00/mo (plus tax) for brass instruments
$6.00/mo (plus tax) for woodwind instruments
The Standard Maintenance/Repair Plan covers all periodic maintenance and tune-ups as well as basic repairs on the instrument that are required to keep the instrument performing properly. This does not include damage due to neglect or willful misuse/abuse of the instrument or mouthpiece damage-such damage repair will be paid for by the renter signing the contract.  All maintenance and repair will be performed at the store. Free Loaner Instruments will be available if overnight repairs are necessary.
$6.00/mo (plus tax) for brass instruments
$7.00/mo (plus tax) for woodwind instruments
The Traveling Maintenance/Repair Plan includes the same benefits as the Standard Maintenance/Repair Plan plus once each semester we will drive to your child’s school during school hours and perform regular maintenance and any necessary repairs on your child’s instrument!
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