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Accessory Packs
The beginner accessory packs are priced at a large discount and include all of the supplies that are required by the band director at your child’s school. They vary in price based on the instrument and the school that the child attends. The accessory pack is delivered to the school along with the rental instrument.

Beginner Trombone Accessory Pack -Agnew MS
Standard of Excellence
Mouthpiece Brush
Bach 6 1/2 AL Mouthpiece (already included)
Slide Cream
Slide Grease
Snake Brush

Maintenance/Repair Plan  
Once each semester we will drive to your child’s school during school hours and perform regular maintenance and any necessary repairs on your child’s instrument! 

The Traveling Maintenance/Repair Plan covers all periodic maintenance and tune-ups as well as basic repairs on the instrument that are required to keep the instrument performing properly. This does not include damage due to neglect or willful misuse/abuse of the instrument or mouthpiece damage-such damage repair will be paid for by the renter signing the contract.
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