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Instrument Rentals


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LOWEST Instrument Prices In The Dallas Area!

LOW PRICE GUARANTEE -We will beat any advertised monthly rental price plan on the same brand/model instrument from local music stores servicing the area.

We have brands and models in addition to the ones listed.
Contact us if you need an instrument that is not listed below.

No Interest, No Finance Charges, No Hidden Fees!


*Open-Hole Flute
Yamaha, Jupiter, Emerson, Gemeinhardt


Wooden Clarinet
Buffet E-11, Normandy, Selmer


Alto Saxophone
Yamaha YAS23


Yamaha, Bach, King, Getzen


Yamaha, Bach, King, Getzen


Yamaha, King, Bach, Getzen


*Trombone with F-Attachment
Yamaha, King, Bach, Getzen


Pad/Bell Kit: Pearl, Innovative Percussion



*Monthly rental prices for flutes with sterling silver headjoints are $35/month (Yamaha YFL-382, Yamaha YFL-362, Jupiter JFL-1000RBO)

** Monthly rental prices for trombone with F-attachment is $45/month for most brands and models but will vary with Eastman models ($38/month) and Getzen models ($49/month)

  • All instruments include the mouthpieces recommended by the band directors.
  • Beginner Band Accessories required by the band directors are available as a Beginner Accessory Pack and sold at a discount.
  • Maintenance/Repair Agreement available for $5/month for brass instruments and $6/month for woodwind instruments.
  • Discounts are given for buying an instrument (pay-off) anytime before the final payment is due.
  • Instrument Purchase of rental instruments available at a discount.
  • Some instrument models listed may also be available in "New", "As New", or "Almost New" condition. These instruments will require additional payments to own. The early payoff discount and instrument purchase discount will also apply to these instruments
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