Please read the following information prior to starting the online rental process.

Instrument Rental Prices      
Open-Hole Flute $25/mo   30 payments to own
Closed Hole Flute $20/mo   20 payments to own
Wooden Clarinet  $29/mo    36 payments to own
Alto Sax    $38/mo   36 payments to own
Trumpet/Cornet $25/mo   30 payments to own
Trombone $25/mo   30 payments to own
Trombone with F-attachment $38/mo   36 payments to own
Bell/Pad Bit $20/mo   20 payments to own
Bell/Snare Kit    $20/mo   24 payments to own

About Instruments

  • All instruments include the mouthpieces recommended by the band directors.
  • Beginner Band Accessories required by the band directors are available as a Beginner Accessory Pack and sold at a discount.
  • Maintenance/Repair Agreement available for $5/month for brass instruments and $6/month for woodwind instruments.
  • Discounts are given for buying an instrument (pay-off) anytime before the final payment is due.
  • Instrument Purchase of rental instruments available at a discount.
  • Some instrument models listed may also be available in "New", "As New", or "Almost New" condition. These instruments will require additional payments to own. The early payoff discount and instrument purchase discount will also apply to these instrument.

Accessory Packs

The beginner accessory packs include all of the supplies that are required by the band director at your child’s school and are priced at a large discount. They vary in price based on the instrument and the school that the child attends. The accessory pack is delivered to the school along with the rental instrument.


We currently stock primarily previously used instruments that are in excellent physical condition and shop adjusted for optimal playing condition before being delivered to the school. We do have access to many of the brands and models of new instruments as well (call us with questions on new instruments).

We only rent the instrument brands and models that have been specified and approved by your child’s band director at your child’s school. The instrument comes with the mouthpiece (if applicable) that has been specified by your child’s band director.

Rental Terms

We provide two rental plan options.

Our "month to month" rental plan is also a "rent to own" plan. If your child decides at any time to not continue in the band program, you may return the instrument in good condition and the contract ends. 

Our "equity building" rental plan allows you to build equity through your rental payments. This equity can be used to purchase an instrument.

There are No Finance Charges, No Interest, No Hidden Fees, and No Long Term Contracts!

Instrument Delivery

We deliver instruments and supplies to the schools before the first day of instruction on the instrument. Most of these deliveries are made during the week before school starts. All contracts that are completed prior to scheduled deliveries will be delivered to the schools in districts and schools that are listed at the top of this rental page. If you have any questions about delivery or if you need to arrange early pick-up at the store due to summer band camp or private lessons, please call the store at 214-383-4885.

Maintenance/Repair Plans

We have 2 options available for most students –our Standard Maintenance/Repair Plan and our Traveling Maintenance/Repair Plan. Both plans are detailed on the contract.

You can complete the contract online or you can come into the store and complete the contract.

* If your school is not listed, go to the "Others" tab at the top of this page to set up your instrument rental, or you can bring the list from your child's band director to our store and we will be glad to set you up with a rental instrument and supplies.

**If the instrument that you are interested in renting is not listed, that means that we currently do not have the model of that instrument that was specified by the band director at your child’s school. You may check back within a few days or call the store as we will make these instruments available when we add them to our inventory.**

You can start the online instrument rental process by selecting your school district’s tab at the top of this page.

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